Today the Americans upped their ante by declaring the Iranian regime a little short of a military dictatorship. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton while in Doha Qatar en route to Saudi Arabia spoke to to Arab students at Carnegie Mellon’s Doha campus, Clinton said Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps appears to have gained so much power that it effectively is supplanting the government.

“Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship,” she said. “That is our view.” She did not call the Iranian regime a military dictatorship but played on a different track when she embarked on the next step of her middle east trip. Later when she spoke to reporters on her plane, “The civilian leadership is either preoccupied with its internal political situation or is ceding ground to the Revolutionary Guard.” elaborating even further on Iran and how she sees the situation related to Iran she told reporters traveling with her that it appears the Revolutionary Guard is in charge of Iran’s controversial nuclear program and the country changing course “depends on whether the clerical and political leadership begin to reassert themselves.”

From this point of view it seems that America is in a fix on how to best deal with Iran and if it would work at all. The complex nature of Iran’s top leadership makes it quite difficult for her to reach to this conclusion, but one wonders what makes her say this. Is it that the recent violence is an outcome of not the political leadership but the military leadership’s struggle to keep power in hands. One has to remember military always had a very strong role in Iran no matter if it was Shah or Khomeini himself. The military like all the other neighbours around Iran has a key role. They always keep their lines clear and resist any attempts to give way ground to political forces.

On the other hands there are many occasions in the recent history that Iran defied international community’s efforts to stabilise situation and make mends with the West. It was always that Iran decided to switch sides or people on the other side decided not to give ground. Weather it was the change of Ali Larijani right before a key summit or the obnoxious Jhon Bolton not willing to offer more carrots to the Iranians with his hostile attitude. The West and Iran completely underestimate each other every time and this is not the last time that another American is treading on the same path.

Written by tahir