It is quite a time now since I wrote about Afghanistan in perspective. I just go in and out without noticing much change, even though I see the US style president sitting without the baseline of democracy even developed. I also see the movement of goods from expensive cars to nice smelling packages for those who have an eye for them. But where it is heading today and how we can assure that this new strategy will ever work. The back channels and the flood gates, why we keep on revisiting the past again and again.

I always ask myself this question that either the US governments don’t have something known as brain or either they have too much money to splurge. Why can’t the best in the world plan and execute? Why can’t they think in and out when they start something? Why can’t they prioritise what is important and what is not. Someone would say who cares as long but the problem doesn’t stop there, the problem is that we sitting in the farthest part of the world do get affected by any stupid mistake made by anyone in US.tahir123tahir

Keeping the mess in Iraq and Somalia and many other places in mind we come back to ground zero of American dreams and that is Afghanistan. It is ironic that the short sightedness of the American administration does not stop for once. They engaged in Afghanistan in 80’s and pulled out in 90’s they got back licking their feet again in next century and now the cycle is moving back to square one. People can argue that this time it is to clear the mess once and for all and that Americans are serious now and they want to support and help stabilise this volatile country.

But how can America help someone else when they are not sure at home of what to follow and where to drop. The same party was behind abandoning those who pulled all the plugs in their support and the same party in power now wants to make mends. But what a mess it is that it becomes messier with every passing day.

Afghanistan is not an easy place and not at all an easy target. With the Soviets defeat in the minds Afghan’s have the proof that no super power no matter where it stands can defeat them without having them on their side. So why this back channel diplomacy or trying to get Taliban on board was left on side. What if the plan backfires and things spiral out of control, is it that Americans will rub their hands and walk away leaving the mess behind them to haunt us sitting on the borders, or they have thought it through to execute till they get the results. Is it that the hyper power is too confident to blow all the obstacles and never thought about the consequences. I can only wish that it better works out for them as I know Afghanistan is not Vietnam where they can come out alive, the grave yard of hyper powers is hungry for another body. Americans have to tread very carefully, and learn from the past or they can easily slip down in the grave they dug themselves.

Written by tahir