Mughees and Muneeb

The article published by “The News” and most preferably written in Urdu and further translated into English is based on the report of a civilian news agency. In the case of this civilian news agency report, which will be discussed here, I question the intentions of this agency? Moreover, who has asked this leading civilian agency to hold an inquiry? Categorically, as we know, Mr. Kazim Raza has been appointed by the Supreme Court to further inquire on this matter only. Thus, if there are other reports about the report Justice Kazim is writing surfacing, the publishes motives firmly need be interrogated and it regards as a great matter of concern for someone like me. 

On the other hand, I find humour in the intro of the report, as it starts with a very loose foot, describing itself as ‘a leading agency.’ It makes one wonder what would a non-leading agency then be sir? An agency is an agency and it doesn’t make it bigger or better if it is not leading or leading. One can clearly smell a rat, as the writer is desperately trying to convince the majority of gossipmongers of Pakistan. Then in fact, his job is done and he has accomplished his desired objectives and he doesn’t need to prove anything anymore, as there is no accountability in Pakistan, especially for the press.

They can publish and say anything, not even bother to rectify it, in case it proves to be false. Do we all forget the four survivors of the Airblue plane crash in to Islamabad’s Margalla Hills, which sent relatives from hospital to hospital in search of those non-existing survivors? Now the ‘agency’ out of the blues took the task on their shoulders and moved their lazy behinds without any pre requisite material and started an inquiry into the matter without even looking at the footage itself.

I am in fact flabbergasted at how this whole story adds up. The Jang group owns Geo TV, who apparently went to Sialkot and claims they even called the mother of the deceased Billal on their show, where she categorically said that the crowd thought the boys were robbers. If they were robbers according to the report of this so called ‘leading agency’ then why didn’t she see them and recognize them? Their star anchor, Sana Bucha travelled to Sialkot and spent so much time on various locations, narrating the viewers about the tragedy step-by-step and further going one step ahead by even crying with the family. Was that all staged? We know Jang group’s loyalties are not very strong and they tend to tilt with the appearance of various factors. It is usual to see them publishing one side in Jang and other side in the News, but one never expected they could stoop so low from their morals. It is truly astonishing.

The report rightly says that the boys were handed in to the rescue 1122, the report writers rightly know that because this is exactly what the story is on the ground. They differ in the beginning but conveniently in the middle merge and fix the story with patches taken from here and there. According to the locals, as they spoke to the media, there were not many reports of crime on the road and the story of roadside robberies stand as false. Only one FIR could be found in the police station about these so-called incidents. One wonders why the robbers are so brave that they don’t even let people register an FIR?

The report lashes out at the police rightly, which is not surprising at all because that has been caught on the tape as well. So there is no denying that fact, otherwise the honourable newspapers and the perpetuators behind it would have had the audacity to claim the police was punctual as well.

According to the report, the DPO Sialkot, Waqar Chohan, allowed the events to unfold in the manner that they did. He deliberately arrived late to the crime scene and by that time, it was already too late. The boys had been already subjected to severe and inhuman thrashing and hung upside down on pipes of the water tank of 1122 building. “The DPO consoled the father of the deceased Bilal who was present on the spot and appreciated the “justice” awarded to the dacoits.”

“However, on his intervention the bodies were brought down and people refrained from burning the dead bodies.” Now this statement holds the father of Bilal accountable too, as he is praising the killing of innocents.

The above statement clearly contradicts the story on the ground and the story told by Bilal’s family on Television. It was after the departure of the DPO that the dead bodies were paraded in the streets of the villages, which were affected by the street crimes, on tractor trolleys under local police escort and finally thrown at the mortuary of the civil hospital Sialkot.

Point 2:

Now if you read this report it says three people came forward and spoke about the road robberies and gave their evidence. But on the contrary the report also sites the fact that there is only one FIR registered in the whole area about any such incident of road robberies. So a sane person questions the fact that why there isn’t only a single report or FIR present there, while the picture portrayed in the report says the incidents are rampant in the area. Is it not mindboggling that if someone looses something, he would fight tooth and nail to register an FIR, as said in the case of huge sums as blamed on the deceased boys? The allegation according to the local MNA is 65,000. If you trust the witnesses mentioned in this report you should ask a question why there is one FIR against three such victims in record? Where were these victims who were available for the inquiry committee but they did not bother to register an FIR? I smell foul, can you?

Point 3

What is even more far-fetched is the statement of the lady who happens to be the local MNA Firdouse Ashiq Awan. According to her, 90 bullets or so were found in the bags of the brothers, but here you read, “When the elder boy exhausted their ammunition.” Now did they fire 90 bullets? Is that what this reports is suggesting? If there were 90 bullets fired and all the ammunition exhausted, the story trust me would have been far different. The headline for your newspaper would have read something like:

“Two teenager boys went on a mass murder killing spree by firing 90 bullets– killing and injuring those who came in their way”

Come on now, either the report writers have completely lost their common sense or the report publisher happens to be under the influence of heavy substance, while publishing such fictitious exaggeration. Give me a break and at least have the courage to make sense. Where are the tens of empty shells and while you’re at it, show me the bullet ridden walls. Can someone please do the entire nation a favour and release the footage of the ammunition exhausted by the two innocent teenage martyrs.

On the other hand, it clearly states on the FIR submitted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, that the belongings found from Mughees and Muneeb were two pistols (where as this report only found one pistol) a mobile phone, strange as both brothers might have their own phones, where is the second phone? Furthermore, a wallet, not their own but of Bilal’s, which surprisingly ended up in their pockets and apparently is not visible throughout the videos. Moreover, not even obvious when their dead bodies are disgracefully thrown out of the trolley and finally a pair of white colour gloves and a bandolier was recovered (for those who don’t understand, this is a shoulder belt with loops and pockets for cartridges and bullets) there is no mention whether this bandolier was empty or full.

Point 4

This is again interesting to note that from 6AM the whole drama started unfolding and by 9AM, the boys were dead. In three hours people were still coming from Dars-e-Quran, some came to get in to the fight and had their share of beating and then more came pouring in later. Also during the course of this whole time, the boys were apparently on a rampage of firing more than 90 bullets and its uncanny how no one responded. One assumes there must be heavy gunfire, as 90 bullets are hell of a lot. But no police and no others on the scene took notice. It was perhaps music to their ears!

The report also fails to mention in point 4 that at what time the rescue team and police arrived. There are just too many loose ends; it is all vague and amendable. The events mentioned on paper and the ways they actual unfold make absolutely no sense at all. At one point, the deceased boy Bilal is reported to come back after selling milk, at another he is gone to donate blood and his mother was telling GEO TV that he went to attend Dar-e-Qura’an. Now imagine, Dars-e-Quran, selling milk, getting shot at, ending up in the hospital and pronounced dead and shot in the spine, the news reaches back and the mob kills the guys within three hours? This seems like an action filled fabricated Hollywood blockbuster or Matrix preloaded but not at all real life events, especially in Ramadhan, when life takes a very lazy routine and people tend to be slower than normal days.

The above statement is in direct contradiction to what has actually been said, the story is different on every channel you watch. Such is the accountability of the media as we discussed earlier. At one point, Bilal was going for Dars, at another point, he was gone for selling milk, and then another account tells us that he had gone to donate blood to someone. Who should we trust, and who is this mystery Bilal guy, who was at all these places at one time. His mother is telling GEO, which was shown on GEO TV’s capital talk, that he had gone to Dars, in this report you read he was gone to give blood and at the same time doing some milky business as well.

Point 5

Now this is my favourite part. The mob actually has the audacity to ‘snatch’ the boys from the police and rescue guys the two teenagers that are apparently loaded with 90 bullets are easily snatched by the mob in the presence of police, who are also heavily armed as well. Just imagine the whole scene, how insanely ridiculous it looks, that a mob of a few hundred snatched the boys who were loaded with weapons from the Police, who were also loaded with weapons too. It doesn’t make sense to me at all, why weren’t the weapons used for the purpose that they are carried around for by these officials?

What actually happened in the ‘real story’ is that the mob were handed the boys, as they were tied up and unable to resist. The respectable honorary Pakistani police fulfilled their national duty by allowing the mob to do justice, while they stood and watched the barbaric show, as “Tamashbeens” (spectators of a fun show). It gets interesting as you proceed through the report.

“There is no such playground in the area where cricket is played. The only cricket playing ground is in the premises of “Saga Factory” about one km away on the main Sialkot-Gujranwala road, where no game has been played since long as the factory has been closed down after the demise of its owner and inter-family disputes. High grown grass and adverse conditions observed during visit of that ground also testified this observation.”

Now this is getting way out of hand, as first off, the ground is there and it is being used for playing cricket and many witnessed it, including Sana Bucha of Geo TV during her visit. It is also worthy of mentioning that the report says that the people of area hardly look like sports lovers or cricket players. Are we making assumptions here by the looks or feel of the area? There are more than 37,000 people on facebook who think that the boys look like perfect angels, is that enough food for thought? And you are trying to convince me that in the home of sports goods manufacturers, sports don’t exists? Are you kidding, give me a break, if there is no sports love in Sialkot and in the surroundings of Saga sports factory, then I’m ready to believe Brazil doesn’t play football.

Regarding the discussion about cricket grounds, in normal grounds where cricket is played, occasionally high grass could be seen and it does not come as a surprise. As long as there is a pitch to bowl and a small area for shots, the ground gives way for our city boys to play, for those who cannot afford to play on busy roads or streets. This is a very good ground, as we have seen it as well. I don’t know which ground the report is talking about; maybe it is an imaginary ground, which does not exist in the real world.

“The relatives of the deceased boys have not yet identified any other player who even accompanied the boys for such game or the opponent team members of the village with whom they quarrelled over cricket match. In fact, no such event took place in that area, therefore, the family of the deceased boys is unable to find any supporting evidence despite the fact that such aggression has been incorporated by them in the FIR no.449/10 u/s302, 147, 149, 109 dated 20 August 2010 as the prime cause of incident, which got registered after five days of the incident.”

It does not come as a surprise that the relatives are unaware of who their boys are playing with? They were boys after all and not girls, in our society boys are given that much liberty, freedom and independence. The parents were as usual busy in their own work and routine life, as they knew their kids are responsible adults. That is visible from their response, as after five to six hours they started looking for the boys and found out very late of what happened. In our busy lives, in this modern day and age, especially in the city, parents sometime don’t have time or they don’t bother about what their kids are doing, as long as they are in touch with them and show results and stick to moral grounds. In this case, it is quite evident that the boys were namazi, one of them was leading tarawih prayers and they used to go on Sundays regularly to play cricket.

Now finally, with all the speculations and rumours on the side, why didn’t anyone who had a camera in hand tried to record all of this? As it is clearly visible from the videos that people were there and in this era of mobile phone technology, where every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile with a camera and video facility, there shouldn’t have been a problem recording the evidence from the crime scene. It is strange that no one actually dared to point it out. Was there a smart film editor sitting who released only the censored video and kept the right parts and released the wrong parts, which go against the story recorded by the so called ‘agency’. Does it not urge you to raise your eyebrow and ponder upon all these little clues and point all your fingers at the Pakistani media, when it is sold out or isn’t it Firdouse Ashiq Awan typical?

It is also pertinent to mention here that as they say that the boys were apparently loaded with pistols, shot a few guys, and also had a bike, then why didn’t they escape? They could have easily run instead of standing they’re waiting for all hell to break loose on them. It is worth mentioning here that we’re talking about two15 and 19-year-old teenage boys, who belong to a reasonable family. It is quite impossible for one to believe that both brothers could have been on a love mission or robbery mission together. It is absolutely abnormal to have two brothers joining hands in these sorts of things, as this is not normal in Pakistan, as we know.

The inclusion of cricket in the story makes sense, as the gloves were discovered from their bag and two brothers can go to play together but to go on a dangerous date or robbery doesn’t hold water. What we also need to understand is that this whole incident happened in an area where both boys were not locals but visitors. On the other hand all the families in the area who could speak to media or any such report writer were directly or indirectly involved in the ruthless lynching of boys by actually beating them or standing by and letting it happen. So how can you expect them to turn back against their own fellow villagers, they will all join hands to save their loved ones and the boys will have no one to stand up for them. It is typical trend and proven by the absurd statement given by their MNA, who actually knows nothing about the reality of the events and is standing up for her voters to save her seat. Why can’t the report writers see that? How can people overlook the fact that all the so-called witnesses mentioned in this report might be working on one agenda? But when you compare their video responses, you see they don’t match, on one show they say one thing and on others they say something else.

Another point is about the complaint about the lynching incident, which was submitted by the uncle of both boys on the 18th of August 2010. The report published in the News article says that the FIR was registered too late and even states five days delay. The report fails to mention this complaint submitted on the 18th by the uncle of the boys blames them of doing nothing for five days. Why is the author of this report only stating one side of the story and not the whole truth? On the other hand, according to Muhammad Afzal, SP Investigation and DPO Waqar Chohan, no FIR was registered in pursuance of this application (referring to the complaint submitted by the uncles of Mughees and Muneeb) which was mentioned as a cross version in the case diaries of the FIR relating to the murder of Bilal deceased. This is taken from the notes of Suo Moto case number 14 of 2010 available on the website of Supreme Court of Pakistan and presented in front of the honourable justices.


Now just empathize for a moment here with the family of the deceased Mughees and Muneeb, who have been murdered by a mob under the very eyes of the police and general public. How can you go and register a report against those who will be registering it and were a party to the gruesome act. In simple words how can someone register an FIR against the police officers who actually were responsible for the whole episode and were a party to it? It was only possible for the family to lodge the FIR after the SHO ran away and people involved in the crime went underground. It is also worth mentioning that the FIR was registered after the orders of Supreme Court, so the point of this report is non-sense and baseless. Don’t you smell foul here too; perhaps Firdouse Ashiq Awan too inspired them.

The whole story insinuates more of a gang war but absolutely not what this report is suggesting. More like gang wars on sports grounds or street boys getting territorial but not robbery, as the boys don’t reflect such upbringing. My fundamental question is that why didn’t all these stories surface in the beginning and why are they appearing now? This is a big question and we need to understand that some people belonging to both mainstream political parties are trying to save their seats in the area and they don’t care what went wrong there. Do you want me to mention the names too, in case you are not sure, PPP saving Firdouse Ashiq Awan and PML N saving their MNA’s brother?

The way this matter was handled and the way these boys were butchered is not how a dignified civil and Islamic society acts. A companion came to the Prophet SAW and said he has committed adultery; the prophet turned his face and ignored this person. The person came back again and confessed to his sin but the response was same, third time the same thing happened and the Prophet SAW asked him that are you telling me this while you are sane and in your senses? He replied yes, the orders were issued to take him and stone him to death. But while the man was taken to the death ground, the Prophet SAW said that if this man would have lived and asked Allah for forgiveness, he would have been forgiven but now he is going to be punished in this world and the world after.

The whole report plays around with speculations and it is interesting to see the audacity of the writer to assume and conclude rather than imply. If the rules of the game are going to be assumptions, then there is a lot we on this end can assume and imply as well and even conclude categorically. But we know what is right and who is telling the truth, so we leave this in the hands of Allah to clear the name of innocents and bring out the real culprits in the broad daylight. He is the master of universe and only He knows who is right and who is to be punished. This clearly shows a noble way of dealing with such occasions and how to react, not taking the law in ones own hands, as there is always room for forgiveness by Allah and he is very merciful and kind.

No one can turn time back and turn around the tragic events; the harsh reality is that the young brothers were brutally butchered to death in broad daylight. It was a mob of Muslim people who witnessed the gruesome killing of the nation’s youth and those innocent faces have forever left a scar in most of our hearts. No matter what anyone says, we are all innocent until proven guilty.

Written by tahir