US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Pakistani Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi laugh during a press briefing following their bilateral meeting at the Department of State in Washington, DC, on March 24, 2010. Clinton said the United States had started a "new day" with Pakistan in hearing its concerns. Clinton opened a first-of-a-kind "strategic dialogue" with Pakistan, hoping to show the country's widely anti-American public that the United States wants a relationship that goes beyond short-term battles against Islamic militants. AFP PHOTO/Jewel SAMAD (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

I am writing this in the outset of three Pakistani soldiers being murdered by American military even though they fired warning shots. CIA director Leon Panetta was in Islamabad with his usual pestering and pushing on the table. I am going to be very honest here about what I believe American should do in Pakistan and how they can help the Pakistanis in the longer if they are sincere with them.

No one would say this honestly enough to convey the message to Americans ever, because there is culture developed in Pakistan which supported by the government at times to hate America and anything American. But in reality every sincere Pakistani is very happy that US is going after Taliban or all the militants hiding somewhere in the border areas because no Pakistani can ever do this on its, military or government both can never think of doing such stuff on its own. The problem being the habits of our politicians who go and beg from Middle Eastern powers and in return turn a blind eye to their agendas in the border areas or even in Baluchistan.

My point-by-point requests to the dear Americans are as follows.

1: American or ISAF air strikes inside Pakistan should continue and be more various as every sane Pakistani is happy about it. Pakistanis are happy because they are targeting these militants who are maligning their religion and are against Pakistan.

2: Americans should take more active role in micro managing the aid it gives to Pakistan because majority of this goes into wrong hands and is never useful for the masses.

3: Americans should condition aid to Pakistan to declaration of true assets of all those who are in parliament and who talk about national interest and pay peanuts. Americans should not pay aid unless they receive these declarations and they can verify them through their own means. Otherwise the best practice would be to spend the aid through American agencies doing projects on their own in Pakistan.

4: I think that Americans should take some responsibility in being part of the problems Pakistan is facing and then act to do something to rectify them once and for all. It should push Pakistan to repeal amendments against Ahmadis and minorities, also it should pressurise Pakistanis on other issues like democracy within political parties and local bodies. If America is so true to democratic process and means business then these things should be on top of its list, otherwise all Americans would be doing is presenting cosmetic changes and on actual grounds making no impact.

I strongly believe that Americans are being hypocritical on pushing for democracy and turning a blind eye towards the dynastically democracy or politics in parties and destruction of local bodies and democracy at the grass root level.

5: Americans should stop telling Pakistanis to do more and access to intelligence as they are doing everything themselves. If they can send drones nonetheless they have right intelligence or not they don’t need to keep talking nonsense about doing more.

If Americans can prove that they are sincere and would remain so Pakistanis would also leave all those suspected and alleged tactics that US suspects them of. Americans need to understand that Pakistani establishment, not politicians are highly sceptical of them and they don’t trust them no matter they try to get along with them. So Americans need to work more on this deficit of trust and then ask for assistance on an equal level.

Finally Americans need to listen very carefully to what Hillary Clinton said in congress about US-Pakistan relations. We need to work on that, American officials should come and talk nicely here in Pakistan as there is nothing wrong in talking nicely but talking tough and taking us as Mahmoud Abbas or PLO, is a huge mistake and a lot of people in Islamabad don’t like it. There is a difference between the way Condi Rice used to speak to Palestinians or you trying to do the same with Pakistanis. So accept your faults and work on core issues, make sure what you are giving is reaching the right place and the reforms are delivered to the doorstep otherwise it seems Americans are willing to remain in catch 22 situation where they will keep funding Pakistani and Pakistanis will keep begging for more.

Written by tahir