Tahrir Square image by Jonathan Rashad

While my Internet off, I decided to sit down with my friends and gathered a couple of others to sit and have chat about what’s next for Egypt? Why this is happening and what is in it for them?

The debate started and Zainab opened it in the backdrop of chanting crowd. She told me that it is about them getting back their identity and pride. They feel the world has moved and they are standing still at the same place. She told me that for them it is about development and keeping up the pace with others around the world. They feel they are living in a bubble away from the world where individual rights and freedom are necessity they have the clock stopped in early 80’s.

One of the groups added that the president is a victim of time, when he came in power he had the great leaderships behind him. He could have taken steps towards freedom and progress. But he decided to close himself and the nation from others. From outside they were free and there lives improving. But from inside they were living in a society closed as ever.

I asked why so much hatred for Mubarak?

This was like a opening a tinderbox and everybody started talking, I for a minute felt I am hosting a show like a “Phaphe Kutni” on a Pakistani news channel like a typical Pakistani news anchor. So I intervened and asked them to tell me what they hate about Mubarak most. In one or two sentences and here is what I got.

JN- He is a pig who is only worried about him and knows nothing about the surrounding.

FH- I feel he is old and lost his mind. He is just running like a headless chicken.

GN- He is a clever person, a dirty rascal who can go to any length to save his seat.

FB- For me he is a reminder of bad times; he is the embodiment of familiar and isolation. I feel he reminds
of being inferior.

KR- He is a failure and reminds me of failure I had in my life. He is a bad omen.

The random thoughts were that Mubarak is trapped in a place where he doesn’t listen to anything else than what he wants to. He has surrounded himself with people who talk what he likes and that is what makes him incompetent to rule. Some even said (echoed from what I heard last night) that to rule us he needs to be Egyptian but with lack of touch he hardly is a human let alone Egyptian.

I asked what is the future then, who they want to lead them and what future holds for them?

The answer was simple, let us choose what we want, we don’t want America or Israel to affect who leads us or who we elect. We are adults, intelligent enough to decide what is right and what is wrong for us. While Gamal was uttering these words the shining in his eyes made me think with youth like him they can never choose wrong, provided they are given a chance to elect. We ended the debate and decided to move.

Written by tahir