Image by Mona Sosh

I am seeing thousands of protesters right now in front of me in Tahrir Square and many roads around it. The whole area is full of protesters who are shouting the same slogans every time. “Down with Mubarak”, “leave Mubarak” and “Egyptians and military are one”. The area is full of people from all walks, young and old, women and men. There is a huge army presence, army tanks, armoured personal carriers and fire trucks. I tried going towards the parliament and cabinet buildings but failed because of military vehicles blocking the road with tanks.

The specific area in front of the Museum where I was earlier portrays the scene of a war zone, with smoke still coming out of the NDP building. There were missing characters yesterday but now they are present in the shape of tanks and military officers. In the morning it seemed yesterday’s fervour has died down but I have been told the time for protests was 1 PM and soon after 1 people started emerging from various sides, initially they were not more than 50 when I saw them at tahrir square. But it picked up within an hour and now there several thousand people in this area.

The most iconic observations of today were when I saw military vehicles coming into the street with words spray painted at the front saying, “Leave or drop Mubarak”. Another of people hugging military men and a sense of happiness around them. Maybe Mubarak’s gamble played off by taking police off the streets and putting the popular and liked military on the streets. An army officer told me he will not shoot his fellow Egyptians not on the orders of anyone. He seemed defiant and confided that he has been ordered the same from above in Military.

Written by tahir