It has been a very busy period ever since the new years started and especially when I came back from Egypt there was plenty to work on and talk about. Even more than that there was plenty to see. It all came one after the other, Osama Bin Laden and the prelude in the shape of Raymond Davis and aftershocks in the shape of PNS Mehran attack. Today another horrific incident was awaiting all of us when we turned on the computers or tv in some cases. It was a 1 minutes 20 seconds video of Pakistan rangers (a part of military) mercilessly shooting a 22 years old boy Sarfaraz Shah and then leaving him bleed to death in their presence while he screams for help pleading for someone to take him to hospital. But with his vein hanging out of his arm and blood gushing like a water hose he dies a miserable and painful death, coming in and out of unconsciousness in the short video. But I was not taken back, maybe I was little bit relieved because Sarfaraz’s process of death was made easy by bullets and rather quick. I might sound cruel but I hope if people can push themselves hard they might be able to remember the brutality shown in minutes length video clips of Mughees and Muneeb dying a very slow, brutal and painful death. The process was same but the death came quickly for Sarfaraz and Mughees and Muneeb were not lucky in that case.

For Pakistanis across the world, I would like to remind them of the incidents of last August when right after 5 days of our independence the nation was presented with the gift of Mughees and Muneeb brutal killing in Sialkot. The worst part of this was that all this happened in the holly month of Ramadhan, that is the month of peace and tolerance. On one side it provided the nation to stop for a moment and shiver realising the lowest of lows it has reached. On the other hand it provided some tv anchors an open ground to increase their market share and one of those was Kamran Shahid. With no Journalism background and experience he did more than one shows on the incident. His only claim to fame was a show on PTV where he used to read newspapers of the day, or being the son of one of most notorious playboy actors of Lollywood Shahid. Kamran sided with the boys throughout, doing some heart warming shows highlighting the injustice perpetrated to the boys and their families. But recently after joining Samaa TV he went through a change of heart. Now he claims the boys were not innocent but robbers. Maybe he became one of the recipients of the ministry of information’s 3 to 4 billion rupees not so secret fund.

On the other hand the most important thing we came to realise through this incident was that nothing could jolt Pakistanis and bring it to a tipping point. Pakistanis are an extremely selfish nation, utterly brutal and highly hypocrite. Pakistan is a thoroughly dead nation, which is buried ages ago under the burden of its gruesome sins. A nation that is more like a mob ready to butcher and slaughter each other for no reason. Where there is little difference between a saviour and an innocent. Where doctors kill the patients they are bound to take care of, where soldiers shoot their own masses indiscriminately and let them bleed to death in front of a mob who stands, watches the show, and after the junta is gone picks up the dead body, turns in numbers to attend the funeral and then start beating the line once the snaked has passed.

Sarfraz Shah a clearly unarmed and harmless young boy, manhandled by the rangers who are on duty to secure the area and keep it safe, shot at point blank range by security personnel present at the scene. The pleading youth was left to bleed in a pool of blood and the crowd stood watching and no one absolutely no one showed any courage to take the injured to hospital. Maybe in a country full of Musalmans they forgot that killing one person is like killing the whole of humanity. They all stood watching the whole of humanity bled to death right in front of their eyes and did nothing to save it.

The culprits are two men in uniform, Shahid and Afzal, belonging to the Abdullah Shah Ghazi Rangers 32 Wing. The saint whose tomb is not very far from where this all happened. The two were arrested and then the barrage of typical statements came in and out on tv screens. It is not very long back when the same security people from a different side murdered in cold blood five foreigners in Kharotabad Quetta. One of the dead in Quetta was a pregnant lady with a seven-month-old baby in her womb. The baby died too becoming a victim of this brutality. We read about the judicial inquiry into the incident and understand that the security apparatus of this nation is falling apart right in front of the nation on live tv.

There are many theories in the air and it depends who you follow to believe what is the right cause. But I believe the best explanation in one line came from Fatima Bhutto the niece of Benazir Bhutto who said that “Pakistan is moving towards a nervous breakdown.” She was considerate I believe we have passed the period of meltdown and now we are sinking deep into the hole we dug for someone else. Those responsible for various security apparatus are under so much distress that I don’t expect them to act humanly let alone sanely.

The most ironic part of this whole episode is that the justice system of the country is busy attracting maximum media attention and delivering justice on strategic cases. The justice too comes with a price in this country where the eye for a sou motto might need some media and pr opportunity for those who deliver it. At the end Kamran Shahid and those sitting at honourable seats are no different in seeking more market value for their commodities and seeking highest bidders. I don’t blame them for because I firmly believe their core setup lacks the capacity to think and act sanely and address the issues wisely.

If that was not enough the presumed saviour of the nation is busy giving dharnas against the drone attacks that kill terrorists like Baitullah Mehsud and Ilyas Kashmiri but fails to even mention the collapse of humanity and sanity in the society. The biggest problem is that they see it just a murder and see the nation sleeping over it, watching it as a spectator and do nothing about it. Yet they claim that a revolution is brewing and coming. I wonder if there is a problem in their wisdom or the eyes they have are more agile than ours.

Written by tahir