This year has been a very tough year for the world and especially Muslim world. With regimes falling, thousands of deaths and a wave of change the year is always going to be one of the most remarkable years in the lives of people like me. Islam the religion of peace and tolerance has maybe vanished from the lives of the multi million Muslim populations around the world. The teachings of peace and tranquillity, tolerance and forbearance seem a far cry. Above all the very notion of revolution is muddled up with burning tyres, taking up guns and killing fellow countrymen and brothers for material interests.

When the prophet of humanity and Islam said when returning from a Qital (jihad with sword) “we are returning from a smaller jihad towards a bigger jihad and that jihad to cleanse your inner self”. I believe the calls of dharnas, protests, and uprising and above all so called revolutions should be pushed behind to fulfil the essence of Islamic teaching and that is to strive for the betterment of one self. Because at the end of the day the clean, pure and responsible individual would lead to a better society, country and above all world. We need that revolution, we need that change, and we need that uprising. The dharna we need to give is in front of Allah to rid us from the evils and make us a momin, the protest we need to make is in front of satin who is destroying the very core of our ideology and social values. The uprising we need to make is against this material world, which is pulling towards us a rat race that has no ending. The revolution we need is inside us without the influence of anyone but our very own self.

In the absence of these revolutions, dharnas and protests all we are doing is a lip service with no base. The change that we envisage will be temporary not permanent and would remain until that spirit remains and keeping in mind the short memory we have a super hit on music charts does not remain at top position for more than a month. All these people who are rejoicing at uprisings and regime changes should remember without a cleaner, fairer, changed individual the dream of a changed and revolutionised society is only but a distant dream. The same if for all those who are busy mulling support and gathering momentum for change through various means like dharnas and protests the focus should be changing the plight of individual, making it a responsible and better human so at the end it could make a better selection in an election whenever the need comes.

Islam is derived from the Arabic root "Salema": peace, purity, submission and obedience.

Islam is derived from the Arabic root \”Salema\”: peace, purity, submission and obedience.

The revolution is not needed for one opportunity or time; it is needed for the future to come, something that could stay and sustain itself and in the end make this world a changed and better world. Believe it or not but this has been done over and over through the course of mankind’s history and it is not impossible to do it again. What Muslims around the world have in common is the golden teaching of Islam and Quran that is based on the fundamental basis of peace and forbearance. Islam means peace, purity, submission and obedience so lets look inside us today on this auspicious occasions if we have these qualities existent within our societies and above all our selves. I wish Eid Mubarak to all of my readers and friends and family and wish they see better times, may this eid bring hope for hopeless, happiness for sad, relief for those who are in trouble and peace for this very dangerous and troubled world. amen

Written by tahir