Who am I?

I am life, flowing like water, blooming like flowers, transparent like sky, fresh like morning dew and quite like desert’s night.

Enough poetry, but I think I am what I think of myself. I am straight forward like no one. The worst thing for me is to be what I am not. The best thing about me is my love for life and my conviction for a better world. I believe in seeing the unseen and think unthinkable. As long as I have good relations with God I don’t care what happens because at the end of the day HE will never let me do anything wrong if I will trust HIM in everything.

I have seen the worst so I am not afraid of ups and downs in my life. I am never scared of taking risk, but the only thing where I shiver and tremble is trusting someone. Maybe I am unable to understand humans. I sometime wish I would have been a bit selfish. It would have made my life a lot easier. I will die the day when I will break someone’s heart or hopes, or think just about myself. I am sometimes scared to move towards people or get closer to them to understand them a bit better, but still I live with them and survive. God only knows how much bruised I am but I wake up every morning and put on my face, which takes me through the whole day. There is no point about telling how I live without that face.

It is a puppet show where I run after someone and someone after me. After all I am a puppet in HIS hands its on HIS will what HE want me to act. I was alone and will remain alone until I find a bigger motive, a larger than life mission and something to spend my life working on.